Wallace and Gromit have amassed quite a few fans over the past few decades, but few go as far as Mike Prankerd. Mike already built a Wallace and Gromit themed motorbike in the past, but when he had the chance […]

The Wallace and Gromit Austin A35 breadvan

Everything can be fixed, off course. Belgian Ramses Lava undertook on a project that 99 percent of our readers would have deemed hopeless. A decayed and very sorry looking Mini Traveller that had spent 15 years on it’s side, exposed […]

1967 Mini Traveller

Ronald Peters wasn’t looking for a Daf 55 at all. He had his mind set on a completely different car , a Daf 33 estate. A close friend put him on the trail of just such a car, but it […]

1970 Daf 55 Marathon Rally

There was a time when a racecar meant a big car. Big wheels, even bigger engines and a large steering wheel to keep everything on the road. Prime example is the 1907 Wolseley Siddeley Coppa Florio Racer.   Wolseley is […]

The 1907 Wolseley Siddeley Coppa Florio Racer