Exclusive interview: Wheeler Dealers’ Ant Anstead!

2017 has been a rough year for Wheeler Dealers fans as Edd China made the shocking announcement that he would be leaving the show. Luckily Mike Brewer quickly found a new partner in crime in the form of the very talented Ant Anstead. Ant graciously got up extra early so we could do an interview before opening hours at the NEC Classic Motor show past november.


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As interviews go, this turned out to be one in the ‘must see’-category. If you want to know more about Ant and where he came from, and if you want some more insight into the changeover between Edd and Ant, you’ll find it here as Ant tells you his part of the story. We’re giving you the full, unabridged version of the interview, so you can hear the full story, straight from the horse, or in this case the Ant’s, mouth.
You can check out the video on our Youtube channel, or just simply click the video below.


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