A Ferrari 365 Berlinetta Boxer Under Lock And Keep

James King-Bronnert visits Car Iconics to have a look at a very special Ferrari.
Text & Images: James King-Bronnert
At once, the time arrived for myself to head over down towards Car Iconics for a special review and meet with Daniel Gannon. The director manager and 2nd in command of the Classic Car “Showroom” conservatively concealed far out of prying eyes. I stress the fact, that naming the place a Showroom perhaps is not apt enough… Although, as you stop through the threshold inside you are greeted by the warmest welcome of standout Porsche’s, enticing Ferraris and dubious BMW Classics. You cannot help but feel a strange sensation that the cars have taken you prisoner.


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That is simply because the car “Showroom” Is in fact stowed away in an old prison facility. In order to gain access, you have to go through prison gates, a prison corrugated iron locked door gates and then finally the opening doors themselves. If you even attempted to break into a prison, (To which I cannot imagine how ironic the story would end if you tried to) You would find the police bearing down upon you within a matter of minutes. And no chance of escaping with a beautiful Ferrari because your fate would be sealed in the prison confines instead.

And yet, you cannot fathom the excitement of being taken away (not in custody) towards this charming abode inside a barrage of heavy, cumbersome locked gates. You find an oasis of colour, under white lights gleaming across the metalled surfaces of the iconic super machines. The one car I was keen to focus upon, was the 1973 Ferrari 365 Berlinetta Boxer. Don’t be mistaken, this is the first iteration of the legendary “i can’t drive 85” Ferrari and finished in a shade of the deepest Rosso Mugello Red for delights sake. The Ferrari, is simply stare worthy. On each side at the rear, poses a triple threat with 6 rear lights separated on each side. Not the four you get on the later 80’s BB. Alongside matching triple exhausts on either end of the back. Yes you read that correctly. Triple. Exhausts. Adding up to a total of six spitting symphony makers.

These exhausts outlet the deliverance of 346 Horses in the European specifications of the flat 12 engine. With the factory claiming a 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds back in the day. This car would have come under steep conflict with its rival the Lamborghini Miura, that had reached the peak of its excellence shouting the Spinto Veloce unto the then latest Mid engined Supercar to come out of Santa Agata Bolognese. Standing for 292 Horse power and a limited production of V12 models making 148 over its production run. As opposed to 387 365 Berlinetta Boxers.

Leaving my time in this haven, and released from prison for the first time. Hopefully I will say that but this once. I could hold witness to a very special and achingly gorgeous Ferrari and have fond thoughts of one day driving one myself. Yet the real question, would I take the rival Lamborghini Miura SV over the original 365 BB?

As difficult decisions go, I think I may have to spend a few decades deciding.


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